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Fatherly Master / Sifu / Shi Fu / Shifu

Martial Arts Teacher
China shī fu
HK si fu
Japan shi fu
Fatherly Master / Sifu / Shi Fu / Shifu Vertical Wall Scroll

師父 means master in Chinese (occasionally used in Korean Hanja and Japanese as well). In the context of Martial Arts, this is the master and teacher who instructs students.

The second character by itself means father. Thus, you get the "Fatherly Master" translation. There's an old Chinese saying that goes something like, "One who is your teacher for one day, is your father for life."

Language notes: I've often seen this romanized as "sifu," this is actually the Cantonese romanization. In Mandarin Chinese, it's "shifu." The pronunciation in Mandarin is actually like "sure foo" (using typical English pronunciation). There's an "R-sound" in there, which is not obvious from the romanization. Many martial arts studios incorrectly pronounce this like "she foo" (which is actually the Japanese pronunciation). In Cantonese, it sounds like "Sea foo" (almost like "sea food," minus the "d" on the end).

師父 is kind of a weird selection for a calligraphy wall scroll, this entry is more for educational purposes. But you are welcome to buy it if you feel it's appropriate for your circumstances.

Master / Skilled Worker

Secondary version of Sifu
China shī fu
HK si fu
Master / Skilled Worker Vertical Wall Scroll

師傅 is "sifu" as in the "master" in the context of martial arts.

But there are two sifu titles floating around. This one can simply mean "skilled worker."

Historically, this term has been used for a lot of things, such as, "The tutor of a king or emperor." But now it's more commonly used to mean, master worker, or qualified worker.

Currently, within the field of skilled labor, a master (shifu) is higher than a journeyman, and is considered to be one worthy to teach others.

Note: In the 1970's and 1980's this term was used as a common form of polite address between people. You might say, "master, do you know were Tian'anmen Square is?" to just a person on the street at that time. This usage has almost passed, however, for some reason, people still often refer to taxi cab drivers as "master" in China (though I think/hope this is fading).

In Mandarin Chinese, this is pronounced like "Sure Foo," and in Cantonese like, "See Foo."

The second character is the difference between this sifu and the other. In this case, the second character by itself means tutor, instructor, or teacher.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
Mandarin shī fu / shi1 fu5
Taiwan shih fu
Japanese shifu / しふ
Chinese master; qualified worker; respectful form of address for older men; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
Japanese guardian and tutor of a nobleman's child



see styles
Mandarin shī fu / shi1 fu5
Taiwan shih fu
Japanese shifu / しふ
Chinese used for 師傅|师傅 (in Taiwan); master; qualified worker
Japanese fatherly master
a master



see styles
Mandarin sǐ fēng / si3 feng1
Taiwan ssu feng
Japanese shifu
The destroying wind in the final destruction of the world; wind of death


see styles
Japanese shifu / しふ Japanese (See 声符・せいふ・1) hand signal; visual signal (in dog training)


see styles
Japanese shifu / しふ Japanese Chinese poetry


see styles
Japanese shifu / しふ Japanese (See 賦,詩・し) songs and poems; Chinese poetry


see styles
Japanese shiifu / shifu / シーフ Japanese thief (particularly in RPG games); (personal name) Sieff


see styles
Mandarin shì fū yòng / shi4 fu1 yong4
Taiwan shih fu yung
Japanese shifu
heroic performance



see styles
Mandarin shì fū jiàn / shi4 fu1 jian4
Taiwan shih fu chien
Japanese shifu ken
One of the eight heterodox views, i.e. the pride arising from belief in a puruṣa, 補慮沙 q.v; view of a spiritual soul



see styles
Mandarin wáng shí fǔ / wang2 shi2 fu3
Taiwan wang shih fu
Chinese Wang Shifu (fl. 1295-1307), author of Romance of the West Chamber 西廂記|西厢记



see styles
Mandarin xī xiāng jì / xi1 xiang1 ji4
Taiwan hsi hsiang chi
Chinese Romance of the West Chamber by Wang Shifu 王實甫|王实甫[Wang2 Shi2 fu3]


see styles
Mandarin shì fū zuò yòng / shi4 fu1 zuo4 yong4
Taiwan shih fu tso yung
Japanese shifu sayō
heroic performance



see styles
Mandarin shì fū gōng yè / shi4 fu1 gong1 ye4
Taiwan shih fu kung yeh
Japanese shifu kugō
heroic performance



see styles
Mandarin shì fū bǔ tè qié luó / shi4 fu1 bu3 te4 qie2 luo2
Taiwan shih fu pu t`e ch`ieh lo / shih fu pu te chieh lo
Japanese shifu futogara



see styles
Mandarin dùn huì shì fū bǔ tè qié luó / dun4 hui4 shi4 fu1 bu3 te4 qie2 luo2
Taiwan tun hui shih fu pu t`e ch`ieh lo / tun hui shih fu pu te chieh lo
Japanese don'e shifu futogara
persons of dull intelligence

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Fatherly Master
Shi Fu
shi fu / shifushī fu / shi1 fu / shi fu / shifushih fu / shihfu
Skilled Worker
shī fu / shi1 fu / shi fu / shifushih fu / shihfu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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