Asian Art Event San Diego (front)

3rd Annual Asian Art Event

San Diego December 13th, 2008

We estimate that some 500 people came to our exhibition at the corner of University Avenue and Grim Avenue in San Diego to see a great array of local and international artists whose creations have various Asian themes.

The Whole Leaf Tea House offered an all-night Chinese "Gong Fu" tea ceremony. Live bands including Brenda Xu played until 11PM. There was even a mix of western artists doing Asian themes and Asian artists doing western themes. It was a true fusion of various Asian cultures and American culture.

Represented were artists from China, Japan, Korea, America, Indonesia, Turkey, Phillipines, and elsewhere.

Highlights from the Asian Art Exhibition in San Diego

The Groth Building, North Park San Diego

Held at the Groth Building, North Park, San Diego.

Front Door

Front door of the show.

Tomo Uesugi, Asian artist from Japan.

It might be hard to see, but we had a video of the Chinese Master Calligrapher playing, and plenty of works by all of our calligraphers on display.

Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy on Display
Asian Art Show, now accessible to all.

Making up for years past when the show was upstairs with no elevator, we made amends and rented a completely accessible building.

There was something for everyone to enjoy
Many attendees took time to really study the various Asian art on display.

Art patrons check out a wide variety of paintings.

Live Band, featuring Brenda Xu

Live bands played all night, including Brenda Xu.

Dennis-Michael and Liz

Dennis-Michael of Silk Road Productions
and artist Liz Lopes.

Search Lights at our Asian Art Event

I've wanted to rent searchlights since I was 8 years old.
Here was my chance - and I didn't even have to sell used cars!

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