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Frog in Chinese / Japanese...

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Japan kaeru
Frog Vertical Wall Scroll

蛙 is the simplest way to express frog in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ wa1
Taiwan wa
Japanese kawazu / かわず    kaeru / かえる    kairu / かいる
Frog Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese frog; CL:隻|只[zhi1]
Japanese (1) (kana only) frog; (2) kajika frog (Buergeria buergeri); (kana only) frog; (given name) Kaeru

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Mandarin/ qi2
Taiwan ch`i / chi
Chinese green-frog

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Mandarin há // gé / ha2 // ge2
Taiwan ha // ko
Japanese hamaguri / はまぐり    kaeru / かえる
Chinese frog; toad; clam
Japanese (kana only) common orient clam (Meretrix lusoria); (irregular kanji usage) (kana only) frog; (surname) Hamaguri; (surname) Kou
Bivalves, clams.

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Mandarin shèn / shen4
Taiwan shen
Japanese shin
Chinese (mythical animal); clam; sea-serpent
Mirage; sea-serpent; frog; shellfish

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Mandarin xiā // há / xia1 // ha2
Taiwan hsia // ha
Japanese kaeru / かえる    ebi / えび
Chinese shrimp; prawn; see 蝦蟆|虾蟆[ha2 ma5]
Japanese (irregular kanji usage) (kana only) frog; prawn; shrimp; lobster; crayfish; (surname) Emi; (surname) Ebi
A shrimp, prawn; a frog.

see styles
Mandarin guō / guo1
Taiwan kuo
Chinese small green cicada or frog (meaning unclear, possibly onom.); see 蟈蟈|蝈蝈 long-horned grasshopper


see styles
Japanese seia / sea / せいあ Japanese frog in a well; someone with a narrow perspective; (given name) Seia


see styles
Japanese kenzan / けんざん Japanese (See 生け花・1) needle-point holder (in ikebana); frog; (personal name) Tsurugiyama; (surname) Tsurugizan; (personal name) Tsurugisan; (surname) Kenzan


see styles
Japanese rankai / らんかい Japanese egg sack (frog, spider, etc.); egg mass


see styles
Japanese tsuchigaeru;tsuchigaeru / つちがえる;ツチガエル Japanese (kana only) wrinkled frog (Rana rugosa)


see styles
Japanese asahigani;asahigani / あさひがに;アサヒガニ Japanese (kana only) red frog crab (Ranina ranina)



see styles
Mandarin shù wā / shu4 wa1
Taiwan shu wa
Chinese tree frog



see styles
Mandarin shuǐ jī / shui3 ji1
Taiwan shui chi
Chinese moorhen (genus Gallinula); gallinule; frog


see styles
Japanese okinishi / おきにし Japanese (kana only) warty frog shell (Bursa bufonia dunkeri)


see styles
Japanese kajika / かじか Japanese (See 河鹿蛙) kajika frog (Buergeria buergeri); (place-name) Kajika


see styles
Japanese numagaeru;numagaeru / ぬまがえる;ヌマガエル Japanese (kana only) Asian grass frog (Fejervarya limnocharis); Indian rice frog; cricket frog


see styles
Japanese tsumegaeru;tsumegaeru / つめがえる;ツメガエル Japanese (kana only) African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis)


see styles
Mandarin zhuǎ chán / zhua3 chan2
Taiwan chua ch`an / chua chan
Chinese Xenopus (type of frog)



see styles
Mandarin tián jī / tian2 ji1
Taiwan t`ien chi / tien chi
Chinese frog; the Chinese edible frog (Hoplobatrachus rugulosus)


see styles
Japanese ibogaeru;ibogaeru / いぼがえる;イボガエル Japanese (colloquialism) toad with wart-covered skin (esp. the Japanese toad or the wrinkled frog)


see styles
Japanese kusogaeru / くそがえる Japanese (colloquialism) frog (esp. the wrinkled frog or Asian grass frog); toad (esp. the Japanese toad)


see styles
Japanese kaerumata / かえるまた Japanese (irregular kanji usage) curved wooden support on top of the main beam of a house, now mainly decorative (shape evocates an open-legged frog)


see styles
Japanese kaerumata / かえるまた Japanese curved wooden support on top of the main beam of a house, now mainly decorative (shape evocates an open-legged frog)


see styles
Japanese amei / ame / あめい Japanese frog calling


see styles
Japanese abou / abo / あぼう Japanese (archaism) tree frog (toad)


see styles
Mandarin há ma / ha2 ma5
Taiwan ha ma
Chinese frog; toad


see styles
Japanese kaerumata / かえるまた Japanese curved wooden support on top of the main beam of a house, now mainly decorative (shape evocates an open-legged frog)


see styles
Japanese tsunogaeru;tsunogaeru / つのがえる;ツノガエル Japanese (kana only) horned frog (Ceratophrys spp.)


see styles
Japanese akagaeru;akagaeru / あかがえる;アカガエル Japanese (1) (kana only) any brown or reddish-brown frog (esp. of family Ranidae); (2) (See 日本赤蛙) Japanese brown frog (Rana japonica); brown frog


see styles
Japanese tessa / てっさ Japanese railway frog

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Frogkaeruwā / wa1 / wa

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