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Eagle in Chinese / Japanese...

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Eagle / Falcon / Hawk

China yīng
Japan taka
Eagle / Falcon / Hawk Vertical Wall Scroll

鷹 is the way to write eagle, falcon, or hawk in Chinese. It means hawk or falcon in Japanese Kanji, and simply "eagle" in old Korean Hanja. Though we have different words for them in English, eagles, falcons, and hawks are all seen as the same general type of bird in Asian languages.

If you are looking for the Dutch surname Valk, or the German surname Falco by meaning, this would be a good character for you.

There are other multi-character words (most of them contain this character) which express different specific species of birds of prey (bald eagle, osprey, golden eagle, etc). If you need a more specific title, just contact me.

White Eagle Style

Bai Ying Pai
China bái yīng pài
White Eagle Style Vertical Wall Scroll

白鷹派 is the title "Bai Ying Pai" or "White Eagle School."

The first character means white.
The second means eagle, falcon, and/or hawk.
The third means school (as in the school or style of martial arts).

Black Eagle / Condor

China jiù
Japan washi
Black Eagle / Condor Vertical Wall Scroll

鷲 is the way to write black eagle, or condor in Chinese.

It means eagle (sometimes vulture) in Japanese Kanji. 鷲 hasn't been in common use in Korean for hundreds of years, so it's hard to say what bird it represented in old Korean Hanja.

There are other multi-character words which express different specific species of birds of prey (bald eagle, osprey, golden eagle, etc).

If you need a more specific title, just contact me.

Eagle Claw Overturning Fist

China yīng zhuǎ fān zi quán
Eagle Claw Overturning Fist Vertical Wall Scroll

鷹爪翻子拳 is the title of a Chinese martial arts style known as "Ying Zhua Fan Zi Quan" or "Eagle Claw Overturning Fist."

This style was derived from a combination of 鷹爪派 (Eagle Claw School) and 子母拳 (Son-Mother Fist). The title "son-mother" may seem odd, but it refers to a fist or punch seemingly coming out of another fist or punch. In modern times, 子母彈 is a title for "cluster bomb" (bombs coming out of another bomb).

The Eagle Claw School

China yīng zhuǎ pài
The Eagle Claw School Vertical Wall Scroll

鷹爪派 is the title of a Chinese martial arts style known as "The Eagle Claw School."

It is believed this style was developed by General Yue Fei in the early 12th Century.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin jiù / jiu4
Taiwan chiu
Japanese washi(p);washi / わし(P);ワシ
Chinese vulture
Japanese (kana only) eagle (Accipitridae family); (surname) Washi; (surname) Suzaki; (surname) Susaki; (personal name) Ootori
A vulture.

see styles
Mandarin yīng / ying1
Taiwan ying
Japanese taka(p);taka / たか(P);タカ
Chinese eagle; falcon; hawk
Japanese (kana only) falcon (Falconidae spp.); hawk; (given name) You; (given name) Takashi; (surname) Takasaki; (surname) Taka; (surname) Koudaka; (personal name) Ou; (personal name) In



see styles
Mandarin yīng zhuǎ fān zi quán / ying1 zhua3 fan1 zi5 quan2
Taiwan ying chua fan tzu ch`üan / ying chua fan tzu chüan
Chinese Ying Zhua Fan Zi Quan - "Eagle Claw" - Martial Art


see styles
Japanese washi / ワシ Japanese (kana only) eagle (Accipitridae family)



see styles
Mandarin wù yīng / wu4 ying1
Taiwan wu ying
Japanese hagetaka / はげたか
Chinese bald eagle
Japanese (kana only) (colloquialism) vulture


see styles
Mandarin bā jiāo / ba1 jiao1
Taiwan pa chiao
Japanese hakkyō
The eight kinds of pride, or arrogance, resulting in domineering: because of strength; of clan, or name; of wealth; of independence, or position; of years, or age; of cleverness, or wisdom; of good or charitable deeds; of good looks. Of these, eight birds are named as types: 鴟梟 two kinds of owl, eagle, vulture, crow, magpie, pigeon, wagtail.


see styles
Japanese kanmuriwashi;kanmuriwashi / かんむりわし;カンムリワシ Japanese (kana only) crested serpent eagle (Spilornis cheela)


see styles
Japanese oowashi;oowashi / おおわし;オオワシ Japanese (kana only) Steller's sea eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus); (place-name, surname) Oowashi



see styles
Mandarin lín diāo / lin2 diao1
Taiwan lin tiao
Chinese (bird species of China) black eagle (Ictinaetus malaiensis)



see styles
Mandarin hǎi jiù / hai3 jiu4
Taiwan hai chiu
Chinese sea eagle; CL:隻|只[zhi1]



see styles
Mandarin yú diāo / yu2 diao1
Taiwan yü tiao
Chinese (bird species of China) lesser fish eagle (Ichthyophaga humilis)



see styles
Mandarin wū diāo / wu1 diao1
Taiwan wu tiao
Chinese (bird species of China) greater spotted eagle (Aquila clanga)



see styles
Mandarin xióng yīng / xiong2 ying1
Taiwan hsiung ying
Japanese kumataka;kumataka / くまたか;クマタカ
Chinese see 鷹鵰|鹰雕[ying1 diao1]
Japanese (kana only) Hodgson's hawk eagle (Nisaetus nipalensis); mountain hawk-eagle; (surname) Kumataka


see styles
Japanese inuwashi / いぬわし Japanese (kana only) golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)



see styles
Mandarin gǒu jiù / gou3 jiu4
Taiwan kou chiu
Japanese inuwashi / いぬわし
Chinese royal eagle; CL:隻|只[zhi1]
Japanese (kana only) golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)



see styles
Mandarin tū yīng / tu1 ying1
Taiwan t`u ying / tu ying
Japanese hagetaka / はげたか
Chinese condor; bald eagle
Japanese (kana only) (colloquialism) vulture



see styles
Mandarin qiāng jiù / qiang1 jiu4
Taiwan ch`iang chiu / chiang chiu
Chinese sea eagle; CL:隻|只[zhi1]



see styles
Mandarin lǎo yīng / lao3 ying1
Taiwan lao ying
Chinese (coll.) eagle; hawk; any similar bird of prey



see styles
Mandarin shé diāo / she2 diao1
Taiwan she tiao
Chinese (bird species of China) crested serpent eagle (Spilornis cheela)



see styles
Mandarin jīn diāo / jin1 diao1
Taiwan chin tiao
Chinese (bird species of China) golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)



see styles
Mandarin xióng yīng / xiong2 ying1
Taiwan hsiung ying
Chinese male eagle; tercel (male falcon used in falconry)



see styles
Mandarin fēi yīng / fei1 ying1
Taiwan fei ying
Japanese hidaka / ひだか    hitaka / ひたか    tobitaka / とびたか
Chinese eagle
Japanese (surname) Hidaka; (surname) Hitaka; (surname) Tobitaka



see styles
Mandarin diāo xiāo / diao1 xiao1
Taiwan tiao hsiao
Chinese (bird species of China) Eurasian eagle-owl (Bubo bubo)


see styles
Japanese washiza / わしざ Japanese (astron) Aquila (constellation); the Eagle


see styles
Japanese washiza / わしざ Japanese (astron) Aquila (constellation); the Eagle



see styles
Mandarin shī pí jiā / shi1 pi2 jia1
Taiwan shih p`i chia / shih pi chia
Japanese Shibika
Śivi, 尸毘伽; 尸毘略; also wrongly 濕鞞; one of Śākyamuni's former incarnations, when to save the life of a dove he cut off and gave his own flesh to an eagle which pursued it, which eagle was Śiva transformed in order to test him. 智度論 35.


see styles
Japanese ojirowashi;ojirowashi / おじろわし;オジロワシ Japanese (kana only) white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)



see styles
Mandarin lín diāo xiāo / lin2 diao1 xiao1
Taiwan lin tiao hsiao
Chinese (bird species of China) spot-bellied eagle-owl (Bubo nipalensis)


see styles
Japanese karafutowashi;karafutowashi / からふとわし;カラフトワシ Japanese (kana only) greater spotted eagle (Aquila clanga)



see styles
Mandarin wū diāo xiāo / wu1 diao1 xiao1
Taiwan wu tiao hsiao
Chinese (bird species of China) dusky eagle-owl (Bubo coromandus)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese

takayīng / ying1 / ying
White Eagle Style白鷹派
bái yīng pài
bai2 ying1 pai4
bai ying pai
pai ying p`ai
pai ying pai
Black Eagle

washijiù / jiu4 / jiuchiu
Eagle Claw Overturning Fist鷹爪翻子拳
yīng zhuǎ fān zi quán
ying1 zhua3 fan1 zi5 quan2
ying zhua fan zi quan
ying chua fan tzu ch`üan
ying chua fan tzu chüan
The Eagle Claw School鷹爪派
yīng zhuǎ pài
ying1 zhua3 pai4
ying zhua pai
ying chua p`ai
ying chua pai
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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